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This Is How The Story Goes.

July 14, 2011
By meganlindsey PLATINUM, Willis, Texas
meganlindsey PLATINUM, Willis, Texas
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I see her, with her soft face.
She can't see them and their intentions of doing nothing good.
Their names: Grief, Sadness, and Despair.
But they didn't even bother
Introducing themselves to her.
Well, this is it, for what they strive.
This is how the story goes.
How it goes every time:

They first tugged on her heart.
Piling on things, and even some more.
Weighed down, soon to be shattered, and missing parts,
She was left with a breaking heart.

They pulled on her mind.
Crowded it with things, and even some more.
Too much to handle, soon to be lost, and too hard to find.
She was left with and aching mind.

They laid all her problems on her own back.
All her travels were uphill, and her paths led to nowhere.
With her troubles piled up to the clouds,
Each step was a mile, her shoulders hunched, she was always looking down.

They put love on a string, and let it play.
They released butterflies,
Then shook her stomach so they would kick.
She felt something wonderful, so they yanked that string back.

And this is what i saw next:
Grief took one arm,
And Sadness took another.
They held her while Despair slapped her in the face,
And then stole her breath away.

The only thing anyone else saw was:
The tears leaking from that soft face,
That girl tired of the pain, torn to pieces.
They saw her going through alot.
But i saw a battle won by these three:
Grief, Sadness, and Despair.
They move onto their next victim,
Right after they claim their victory.

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