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Locked in, boxed out

July 14, 2011
By balseirocharmed SILVER, Davenport, Florida
balseirocharmed SILVER, Davenport, Florida
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I’m locked in,
Boxed out.

I stand out in the crowd,
I’m an odd ball.
I’m really different,
Not the same.
I may be weird,
But that’s just me.

I’m locked in,
Boxed out.

I don’t fit in; I just don’t fit in.
I dont want to change my ways of life,
But I also dont want to stand out.

I’m locked in,
Boxed out.

Dont belong,
I dont fit in here.

I’m locked in; Emotion locked up inside,
Boxed out; Boxed out from the world and the ones who care

The author's comments:
I wrote this when I felt I didnt belong anywhere

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