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May 5, 2011
By Butterfly107 SILVER, Ault, Colorado
Butterfly107 SILVER, Ault, Colorado
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I could taste the blood,
I knew I had bit hard,
But I couldn’t let the tears fall,
I had to try and not focus on her words,
Even as they filled the air around us with ease,
I tried to focus on thoughts of him,
Saving me from the pain,
The pain,
The one welling in my chest,
The echoing shatters filled my ears,
As the breaking continued with every word,
I bit harder,
It hurt,
A good sort of pain,
She was asking me a question,
I don’t have an answer,
I wasn’t focusing on her,
I wasn’t focusing on anything but him,
His laugh,
His walk,
His voice,
And his touch,
That touch that gives me butterflies,
And little tingly feelings inside,
There it is again,
That gaping hole forming in my chest,
Telling me to hear her words,
As they only speak of not being with him,
So yet again,
To fight off the tears,
I bit again,
But this time,
It was no use,
They rolled down my cheeks,
And fell to my lap,
I tried to blink away the next one that was sure to come,
But it was no use,
It rolled and fell just the same,
Each tear seemed to burn and bring more thoughts of him,
And the way his arms fit perfectly around me,
She’s raising her voice now,
She knows I’m not paying attention,
She isn’t happy,
But neither am I,
I don’t want to hear her anymore,
And I don’t want to talk to him,
I need to,
I need too hear his voice,
And see his eyes staring back into mine,
I need to feel his strength,
As he pulls me closer,
And wipes my tears,
And whispers he loves me in my ear,
She says she’s done talking now,
But I know it isn’t true,
She will wait till I am healing,
To strike again,
To deepen the hole that is growing,
Growing with the absence,
The absences of his love,
Then I have to stop and think,
I know better than this,
He loves me,
And that I know will not change,
So as she begins her rant yet again,
I bite again and reopen the wound,
But this time in the front of my mind,
I will keep the promise of his love there,
There to comfort me,
From every dig she takes,
I know that he loves me.

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