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Monday Nights

June 7, 2011
By Atlantis PLATINUM, Naylor, Georgia
Atlantis PLATINUM, Naylor, Georgia
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Because we are all looking for the complete definition of love (Beau Sia)

Sitting in the passenger seat,
thinking, looking at the stars and the cars
and listening to you rap-
that horrible music, that I secretly listen to when you aren't around.
In this moment, I'm complete.
i don't know why or how
But there is something about you that won't let me give up.
I give in and give you what you want-
like it will change the way you feel about me.
It won't.
and I know this.
I've fought with these thoughts too many times,
hoping for another shot,
but wanting and needing to let you go.
I just can't right now:
I let you keep driving, and rapping,
and Babe,
I'll keep writing about you until this car runs out of gas.

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