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Travis's Valentine's Day Poem

February 7, 2011
By angelicashively GOLD, 06516, Connecticut
angelicashively GOLD, 06516, Connecticut
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He is my inspiration,
He is my muse,
He is my motivation,
He is the spark inside of me.

For him, I've felt every emotion,
For him, I let my guard down,
For him, my smiles were always genuine,
For him, I'd make anything work.

He always makes me laugh,
He has helped me find who I am,
He has always been there for me,
He has become who I turn to for comfort.

This boy knows me better than anyone does,
This boy has the power to make or break me,
This boy is on my mind everyday,
This boy enlightens me at my darkest times.

Yes, he has imperfections,
Yes, we fight a lot,
Yes, he thinks I'm crazy,
Yes, I believe we can endure anything.

He is the spark inside of me,
He is my motivation,
He is my muse,
He is my inspiration.

The author's comments:
Travis, my first love. Baby, I love you, forever and always.

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