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An Ode to Independence

January 30, 2011
By forloveofart BRONZE, Waddy, Kentucky
forloveofart BRONZE, Waddy, Kentucky
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Every time we learn something, we suffer a sense of loss.

I'm a woman.

Weak and helpless,

just searching for my other half.

What is Highschool without a boyfriend?

A big strong guy to walk me to class,

to tell me what to do

and where to go?

My promdate,

a locker mate,

my romeo.

A hand holder,

two strong shoulders,

my only future,

for when I get "older".

I don't need college,

he'll have the knowledge

to get a job and make the dough,

take out the trash

and fix

and mow.

I'll stay pretty

stay fertile

stay home.

Bake cakes

keep house

and babies.

Isn't that what I'm supposed to do?

Yes. My other half.

I'll be looks and he'll be thought.


ya know,

I'd think I'd rather not.

Perhaps, instead, I'll have a life.

Go stag to prom

in lou of going to fight and cry.

Highschool won't be the best four years,

in fact, I think it's just the start.

Shakespeare's fine, but he can keep his fairytale.

Besides, I've not much use for that part.

I've got more than "love" to share.

My mind will not be monopolized,

rather used and kept and grown.

I'll stay after, study, hang and "chill" and discover life

on my own.

I'll succeed until I graduate,

just fine with my own two shoulders.

Instead of kissing, I'll participate.

I've never been much of a hand holder.

Then, it's off to college,

where opportunity abounds.

The plan's to gain the knowledge.

and I STILL don't need a boy around.

Time to learn, explore and travel,

live alone

in an apartment,

to make MYSELF a home.

Pick the toothpaste.

sing in the shower.

I'll be the king of the remote.

Stay out late,

write a book,

get a career.

Alone, just me and God.

a time to really take a look,

I'll live a life without fear.

I can take out my own trash,

and pick the movie.

Armed with independence,

I'll take pride in choosing.

I refuse to let opportunities pass.

Maybe settling down is good for some.

and making babies good for others.

But I want a life of strength and space,

I refuse to be smothered.

Along the way

I'm sure there's a place

for boys

and "love"

and husbands.

Call me crazy,

but first I want strength in options

and friends.

For now it's time to grow alone

but that does not mean lonely.

I will not look back with regret,

living a life of "if onlies"

Oh, and as for my "other half"

that's a pretty stupid fraction,

and I've never been good at math

The author's comments:
I'm tired of seeing girls in highschool put everything they are into some shallow relationship, and women settling down to a sordid state of complacency. You are MUCH more than some boy, and there is a whole lot more out there than just a "relationship". I intend to discover all of it.

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