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The Journey

December 10, 2010
By DevinQuin GOLD, Norwalk, Iowa
DevinQuin GOLD, Norwalk, Iowa
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"If it would be revealed or demonstrated that there is no future state (heaven), my advice to every man, woman, and child would be, as our existence would be in our own power, to take opium." - John Adams

A Shameless Player with gates closed tight only open in the darkness of night
For a fleeting moment in the passage of time, the disguise is lifted revealing his true kind
Never to be left behind but changed one day to start anew life
That is not sought by those with worldly views
A life so tender, so loving, so kind
That any passerby would accuse the man of being foolishly blind
When in truth, he is someone who has been awoken
Like a long lost dreamer wandering into places unspoken
His footsteps lead him through Woods of Sorrow, Streams of Tears and Lives Gone Tomorrow
He stumbles and trips caught off guard
He rolls down a hill landing in a field of love
Guarded by the one who will teach him to open his heart

She is like a Thief in the Night
With her good intentions
She blinds him beyond recollection
She shows him his fears
And he attempts to escape
But then he learns that fate is not something to avoid
So they embrace

His feelings run free
The gates have been opened
A flood pours forth of love unspoken
A connection so deep, undetected by others
Felt only by the forest that supported the lovers

They live and love together in peace
Hiding from others who seek to destroy any beauty being grown in the heart of a beast

Now a man
He has gained knowledge incomprehensible to the minds of Jesters
Who look only to poke fun at the dreams of the inspirational
These fools who look to destroy and create
What we call the lost
Are as ignorant themselves as the ones they teach to steal and lie and hate

They don’t see their dreams
They refuse to open the eyes
That would show them a life to live
That could fulfill and thrive

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