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Catching Up

November 10, 2010
By JKinner93 GOLD, East Jordan, Michigan
JKinner93 GOLD, East Jordan, Michigan
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Sitting around the campfire
Catching up with some old friends
Talking and laughing
About the old memories

Thinking about the future
How I’m hoping it will end up
After high school
Well who knows?

The legend always says
After high school
You won’t see your friends

I’m hoping and praying
This won’t come true
My friends were here for me
When times were blue

In times I needed someone
When I felt no one was there
They were by my side
With all the time to care

My friends are there
No matter what
I’m hoping they’ll still be
Close to my side
When we all move on

Moving on says a lot
But moving on doesn’t mean to forget
Your friends are always in you heart
Whether their away or mad
You should always have friends
In good times and bad

Keeping friends close
Can really help a lot
When you’re going through tough times
They should be by your side

Thinking about the future
I hope the legend dies
I want my friends
Forever by my side

The author's comments:
My friends have been my life. No matter how many times we fight it doesn't last. After we graduate we plan to stay in touch and I'm just hoping it will work out. They have helped me through a lot and I always can count on them.

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