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"That Leap"

September 14, 2010
By yamaha21 GOLD, West Bend, Wisconsin
yamaha21 GOLD, West Bend, Wisconsin
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for all the moments I fell

you lent me your hand

the days I thought I couldn't handle

you spoke words of wisdom

those nights I dreamt of you

you were dreamin' of me too

when I frowned with sadness that

drained from my cloudy eyes

you showed me the light and embraced

me with arms of an angel

the day I gave up

was the day you said you loved me

the potential you saw in me was

so much more than the depressed


I took a chance on love, a love

that was sensitive to the touch

a chance at a moment like this

left me no air, but the very oxygen

contained in your lungs

the chance you took on me, at a life

of obstacles and adventures

I thank you for all the memories

and the one's to pass

you weren't there to humiliate me,

but to laugh with

to be in the moment with me. . .

and I thank you for that.

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