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they'r a waste

June 27, 2010
bullet.with.butterfly.wings PLATINUM, Katy, Texas
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you wear guilt like shakles on your feet, like a maiden in distres, like a halo in reverse

They’ll all look down on you
And say you’re a waste of precious time
Some won’t ever take you in
You can do much better
You burn any bridge in your path
And let your self know
Your shield will survive
Your much too proud
To let their dirty words
Come out to play
When you are hurt
You know your worth more than dirty looks
Your worth more than meaningless words
Your worth more than the envy they have towards you
Most of them wish
And the rest just dream
They think of you
And wonder
If they could ever
Break away with the same strength
You stand your ground
While knowing you’ll stand out
They’ll all look down on you
And silently say you’re precious
All they’re doing is wasting your time

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