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All you need is some super glue, and to self-improve

June 15, 2010
By sharadyn PLATINUM, Creve Coeur, Illinois
sharadyn PLATINUM, Creve Coeur, Illinois
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"When the power of love over comes the love of power, then the world will know peace"

I look around me
and what do I see?
A broken home
and longing for the family I once have known.

These walls are not familiar
And this place isnt my home.
The stories these walls inclose
are not the ones I wish to know.

I can not hear my fathers voice
echo in the hallways from the past.
I do not have the same sence
of family that I was tought would always last.

For your choices
took away any gimpse of my childhood from me
It took away the physicality of what was left
and now all I see are fragments of my memory.

Now what we have are three beings
living under one roof.
I miss what we used to have.
A union of five.

My father, gone
My brother, gone.
Any parential figure, left in the dust.

A teenager needs a mother,
not a monster
who would save the bottle,
before her daughter.

So take some duct tape,
Some super glue
and please fix
this broken home.

Cut me open
And sew my hearts holes back together.
you can fix alot,
but you will never smooth out the scars you have caused.

Repair our family
and you'll have a chance
at fixing me.
because I know that I have failed you
and you have failed me.

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