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The Forest: A Symphony of Simplicity and Silence

June 11, 2010
By RainyWriter GOLD, Redmond, Washington
RainyWriter GOLD, Redmond, Washington
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Within the depths of my favorite place
The screechy cry of a crow
Shatters the misty silence
Like the skin of a blackberry between my teeth
As it is crushed and the fleeting flavor escapes.

A scene of dark green and subtle browns
Hides small critters that watch and listen
As the rain overhead
Cascades down from a hidden sky
Blocked by an intricate quilt of leaves and branches.

My fingers run over the rough bark of a nearby tree
Ferns and bushes reach out to snatch at my legs
Whispering to me
Asking me to stay
For a while longer.

The author's comments:
Language Arts thing. I thought I did OK on it, so I decided to submit it in. Not your usual love-fest, angst-filled art, but we all need a break from our protected realm of human life.

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