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Hang On!

April 5, 2010
By Physics981 PLATINUM, York, Pennsylvania
Physics981 PLATINUM, York, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
Failures help one grow as a person.

Hang on!
Be patient!
Keep fighting!

Hardships seem to last forever even though
they don’t.
What they can do is persist on your life for eternity, if
you let them to.

Confronting difficulties, we often seem to lose.
Despite our effort, they are always on our shoes.
Facing those decisions, it is always hard to choose.
Sometimes without assistance, we seem to be confused.
At extreme measures, we think that we cannot be rescued
to the point of certainty that victory is whose.
But NO!
None of these has to be true.
If we can fight, keep fighting.
If we can resist, keep resisting.
If we can halt, keep halting.
If we can terminate, terminate now.
If we can make a decision, make it.
If we can do anything in our last effort,
it shall be done.
But what if we cannot?
Only this thought will carry us through:
Regardless of the difficulty, an end will come
to invite hopes back again,
the hopes that keep us waiting.

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