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April 6, 2010
By ExpectTheUnexpected GOLD, Janesville, Minnesota
ExpectTheUnexpected GOLD, Janesville, Minnesota
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The school year is almost over, thank God.
I’m so bored of the ninth grade get me a new one.
I am searching for a meaning to school and can’t find a thing.
Same thing ever day
1st hour 2nd hour 3rd so on!
Same thing everyday.
I could perfectly recite exactly what I’ll be doing this time 3 weeks from now.
I will be doing math starring at the clock
Waiting for an alien invasion to happen will it ever happen? My best bet is 2012.
But apparently the world will end that night.
So it wouldn’t even be worth it for I wouldn’t have a story to tell
To amaze the young minds.
The young minds who think they have life so hard they don’t have a clue
They said “Mom, dad I don’t need you!” okay kiddo leave C’ya
5 minutes later you ask for a PB&J for you can’t reach the counter.
Back to the school year ending
Can’t wait for that summer sun
The real tan not your fake tan
In your bed that gives you wrinkles
You look gorgeous now just wait till your 40 leather skin to make a couch.
People are fake need a face lift, need liposuction just to be accepted by society for what? For a whistle on the street from a 300 pound man who’s 5’3 yeah he’s sexy
Exactly what your momma wanted for you to have.
Feel beautiful in you’re natural body
Stand up for the big ears wide nose people
They are beautiful
Just like a model in a magazine
Those models wished they looked like their photos
Their photos filled with Photoshop
Hide you’re cellulite and hide your stretch marks
Anything for the image of beauty
But little do you know
Beauty is everywhere
Like in the road kill on the side of the road
It’s the beauty of life
You die someone lives
The beauty of crime
The young raccoon’s mother died
From your car
With that one murder you killed that pup
Or did you?
You found that pup took it home
Nursed it
You became its mother
See the beauty of that?
I should do
If you don’t see the beauty in that
That’s just fine
For not everyone in the world is the same
For instance you like the beauty of flowers
Flowers that have nectar for the bees
The flowers that smell like a $10,000 perfume
You see the beauty in the bee making the honey
For your toast the next morning
The buzzing of the bees
That’s your beauty
One thing we both can agree
Is that this poem spiraled out of control
It started off a simple “I’m bored”
To the meaning of your beauty
See how funny that is?
You can never plan out a future
Because you never know where it will lead you
Just like this poem and how it leads me
Into the future
The future of the unknown
Except at this time 3 weeks from now
I will know exactly what I am doing

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