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Regretfully Not Yours

April 1, 2010
By Kay Matthews PLATINUM, Bolton, Massachusetts
Kay Matthews PLATINUM, Bolton, Massachusetts
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I miss him,
One song,
Sadly I can’t stop breathing,
I am not living yet,
Drowning in regret,
The smell of him is drenching the air,
I am repulsed with my amazningly perfect mistake,
His touch was that of the gods,
It would seem heaven was created just for him,
He has a laugh that could have melted the polar ice caps,
His irises seemed to have captured the antarctic ocean,
A smile that seemed to comprise the charisma of the Chesser cat,
Those teeth were made of the most lovely bones,
Coming together to make some pure bred perfection,
No one is real,
Except for him,
The sea sits still in a chair called sand,
Waiting depsertately for his return,
Joseph couldn’t have crafted an ark that could carry me,
Over the many overzealous tears of my future,
Hades couldn’t have realized how much damage a mortal could do,
Math was created so as to show how superior he is to everyone else,
Giving me the ability to subtract for everyone else’s flaws,
The stars could be more easily counted than your perfections,
Atlanta couldn’t have warned me to avoid falling,
My heart was like a person in crutches trying to run,
I was like a raindrop/lightning bolt all I could do was fall,
Like I was a jewel thief , and he was a detective, he caught me everytime,
But one day he became corrupted and he let me go,
That day I became a measly fleck of dust,
Hollowed out like a tree,
I was waiting to be made into a table,
Just in hopes I would be part of his life again,
Kissing the present goodbye while I lace fingers with the past,
Living in a memory in my mind,
Dying in reality,
Acid wouldn’t make me trip even close to as hard as I fell for you,
My finger won’t stop writing his name,
My lips can’t stop uttering his name,
My mind can’t stop replaying all the moments we had together,
No alcohol, sex, money could replace the perfection,
Of the few seconds that he was mine,

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