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Three early morning tanks

March 19, 2010
By B-e-A-u-T-i-F-u-L BRONZE, Sandpoint, Idaho
B-e-A-u-T-i-F-u-L BRONZE, Sandpoint, Idaho
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To the rain helping things grow.
In early morning

as the sun starts shining,

Clouds begin rolling,

April showers are falling,

Well may flowers bloom.
To the breeze changing things around.
In early morning

as the wind blows through the trees,

falling to the ground,

I watch a leaf settle down,

in a bed of brown.
To a baby bird just learning to fly.

In early morning

Birds flying up in the air,

there falling down fast,

just barely missing the ground,

Still they keep flying.

The author's comments:
just the beauty of spring

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