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There is No One

February 4, 2010
By Audrea15 PLATINUM, Murphysboro, Illinois
Audrea15 PLATINUM, Murphysboro, Illinois
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Everybody wants happiness. Nobody wants pain. But you cant have a rainbow. Without a little rain.

It's on this dark night
I think of you.
The wind is at my back, and
I am afraid.
The howling wind bites at my face,
There is no mercy to it.
There's no one to protect me now
From the wind's howl,
From the chilly air's bite.

I am alone now that you're gone.
The cold eats at my soul.
Your smile can no longer brightens my dark days, because
There is no longer a smile at all.
There is only that bleak expression, now
That is forever upon you face.
No smiles,
No laughter,
No cheer.

There's no cheer this Christmas.
Not a sniff of laughter,
Not a hint of a smile.
There is only grief, now that you're gone.
I love you, Sister dear.
You're forever in my broken heart,

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