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February 1, 2010
bullet.with.butterfly.wings PLATINUM, Katy, Texas
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you wear guilt like shakles on your feet, like a maiden in distres, like a halo in reverse

Long hair or Short hair
We work it
Big lips Or thin lips
You still want them
Shot or tall
You bend and stretch to get us
Fat or skinny
It’s more to love and less to hate
Smart or dumb
We still have fun
Blonde or brunette
We both do it better
Brown , blue, or green eyes
You can’t stop looking at them
Fast or slow
You try your best to say at the same pace
Rich or poor
You do what it takes to get what we want
Quiet or loud
You love to hear us
New or vintage
You buy us no matter what the price
Artistic or not
We are the only art to you
Sweet or sour
We are your favorite flavor
Strong or weak
We carry you
Bold or light
We always stand out
Butterfly or flower
We shine the most with you

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