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December 28, 2009
By BadDreamsComeFrom... SILVER, Covina, California
BadDreamsComeFrom... SILVER, Covina, California
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"Have no regrets because at that moment it was exactly what you wanted."-unknown and "You want something, get it, period."-My brother

Left to contemplate my own thoughts
To explore the depths of my madness
Reviewing this depressing day I call life

The clouds cry for me,
Because I cannot,
The wind roaring for my wrath
I can feel it as I lay here in the dark

The pain;
Penetrating my skin,
Seeping into my blood stream,
Running through my veins

Taking over my body,
Being all I can feel;
All I remember

It consumes me,
And I am no more

I become the wind as it dies,
The sky clears,
The stars shine brighter,
Everything is at peace

The sun shines,
Hearts fly in love,
The world is relaxed

It's better this way
And the memories of me just fade away

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