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November 23, 2009
By Veronica Sisson SILVER, Boyne City, Michigan
Veronica Sisson SILVER, Boyne City, Michigan
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To be Reborn.
It is a wild notion.
Irrational, but no more than any other belief.
Multiple bodies have decayed to a dust and sunk deep beneath the soil.
But the soul lives on…

Why is it that I act as I do?
My fears, my passions, my personality,
Can I truly claim them as my own?
Or have they been collected over time.
So vain is the thought that I am unique!

As I dance through life as if I am entitled,
I feel an overwhelming sense of déjà vu.
A story sounds familiar, a scene so vivid in my head.
Have I been here before?
The wisdom of the ages is hidden deep within me,
But I am ignorant to its existence.

Tick, tock, tick, tock.
The centuries pass by like cars on a freeway.
But I continue on…
Each life, significant or insignificant,
Is packed deep within the suitcase of my soul.

But I have no recollection.
It is locked deep within my subconscious and I am without a key.
When is it that I will tire of the endless trip?
Overwhelmed with memories and emotions,
Unable to carry on, will I simply… die?

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