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November 26, 2009
By Sha-doki GOLD, Union, New Jersey
Sha-doki GOLD, Union, New Jersey
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Flutter, flutter, fly away
over the sea, across the bay.
Howl fills the sky, come what may.
Flutter, flutter, fly away
Little butterfly, there you go,
over the mountians, pass the snow.
I'll follow you, where ever you go,
because you're my angel, just so you know.
I cry my heart out, to the moon up above,
'cause I am still waiting
holding onto my love.
You are my angel,
not just a dove.
And you have my heart - of a wolf can't you see?
I will protect you,
even if you can't me.

The author's comments:
Kind of the sequel to my other poem 'The wolf and the butterfly'

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