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Pessimistic Ways

October 30, 2009
By ariwrites94 GOLD, Deltona, Florida
ariwrites94 GOLD, Deltona, Florida
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"At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet." ---Plato

Tears stream down and pillow's a darker blue
Wrinkled and torn from anger and sadness and haunting fears
Migraines emerge, and I fear I will have no more golden locks
My fingers have grown strong from uprooting things that should stay put
Life's nothing but a dark never ending hole that entrances me
And keeps me in it's hold
Where emptiness continues in it's prolific way
Heart's reached rock bottom in so many different ways
Love gives meaning to life as happiness is the meaning of love
Love is everything but now life is nothing now
This moment I hurt as though burning alive
I'm entranced by deep cuts, more like incisions in the heart
That I can no longer live on
Without real meaning I engage in the usual things
I brush my once pulchritudinous hair, now only patches
As I take good long stares at that picture u drew
As I wallow in my miseries
So as I imbue with my pessimistic ways
I see life only through these shades
It's dark and mysterious and miserable,
It's something I don't need to go through
It's too exhausting and there's just no use
I've lost the only happiness I had and now
There's no more room for contending words
I had had enough before when you'd lavished me in them
But now you lavish me in your abuse,
Using me for one thing, then relinquish me for someone new
But I will not become revengeful even though I'm now seeing a curer
I just hope your extravagant life turns out better-off than mine
Because maybe, then, this would all be worthwhile,
And even though, you've ruined mine
I hope you've found that meaningful purpose you've been looking for
As much as I hope that life treats u kind

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