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sound. wave. shock

October 12, 2009
By PLATINUM, Pleasant Valley, Iowa PLATINUM, Pleasant Valley, Iowa
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i admire darkness, its so pretty,
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[She promised you beauty...]

She seems to have her own atmosphere.
A dense blackness surrounding her,

S u p p o r t i n g h e r .
Her voice blows away in the wind,
Jesus is catching her words like butterflies.
You can't hear her.

She wears those bones like

She isn't thin.

Not thin.
No, she's much less. Just a step from

The cold air makes her glow, ; black.and.white.
Time stands still.

The city streets fold under her feet, everything

Bends around her, she must
Her sharp hips cut the air as she walks,
Making a slight tear big enough for her to walk through.

Bus stop benches cradle her, soften the goosbumps
On her arms, bone thin legs.

Sound waves shock her, send her nerves
Screaming through the world around her.
Racing heart, running to the steady

Icy blue eyes
open stare
lights across
An empty street.

Rises, like she
Can float, toes barely grazing the
Pavement. *****

Inside the door, the thumping gets louder,
Shrieking guitars, voices.

Her heart cracks, the ever-present demons rush
Out into her chest.
She feels the pain, but it's distant, she likes
The sound of ripping vocal chords thrown
Into a microphone.
Down the stairs, her feet carry her and she lets them.
(Because this time, she has faith in where they're taking her.)
The blue eyes

With images of bodies brushing against each other,
Guitars, drum set, microphone.
Release, letting go, healing.

Other hands touch her bones, the same bones that

Cut the air.
But they do not rip like the air.
Her hair skims the shoulders and arms
Of those around her.

She pushes closer.
She can feel her body soaking up the tone of
The melodies, getting lost and the demons

Are they really leaving?

They're leaving.

She sways, stares into the eyes of her

And they smile.

And she smiles.
Her hair drifts around her, playing in the
Warm air.

And the beauty stops. is one quick sudden...
Let down.
She is numb, senses skewed.


Sound waves disappear, send her nerves
Fading into the world around her.
Slowing heart, beating steady

Icy blue eyes open stare
lights across
An empty street.

Rises up the steps, to the door. She
Can float, toes barely grazing the
Pavement. *****


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on Nov. 14 2010 at 2:28 pm
Dragonscribe BRONZE, West Lafayette, Indiana
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"A Person's a Person no Matter how Small"
"A Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet"
"God helps those who help themselves"

This is beautifully sad. I enjoyed reading it, though I thought it was very long - but don't worry, I'm just the impatient type - and it was a wonderful poem. Please check out my work!