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September 11, 2009
By MalloryM SILVER, Arlington, Virginia
MalloryM SILVER, Arlington, Virginia
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Dreams are lined up against the wall,
Each person takes a look, browses the selection.
Picking and choosing, finding their way.
The lucky ones find the dream for them,
Easily, intuitively, a fate meant for the fortunate
While others wonder endlessly, searching,
Browsing the options life can offer.
Which is better, one might argue either way.
Perhaps chasing dreams is more beautiful than fulfilling one,
Or fulfilling the one is more rewarding than meaningless following could ever be.
One question always remains,
Who are you?
Why are you here?
When you face the silence of the empty room,
And your dreams are lined up against the wall,
Which path will you choose?
And will you ever tell me if it was worth the journey?

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on Oct. 5 2009 at 6:15 pm
...irie... BRONZE, Which I Left In The Mnts, Utah
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Favorite Quote:
"Some look at things that are, and ask why. I dream of things that never were and ask why not?" -George Bernard Shaw