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Forget the Ones You Shouldn’t Remember

March 19, 2023
By DrunkVanilla PLATINUM, Çatalköy, Other
DrunkVanilla PLATINUM, Çatalköy, Other
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there’s a sad difference

between the words




for one, 

i tell myself to forget.

to forget your eyes

the gleaming shimmers

in the depths of the 

myriad chocolate desires.

you tell me to remember

to never forget

the good times we had

staring into the abyss and the setting sun

the colors of the sky blending into the shining sea

giving us the beautiful sense of hope

that everything would work out. 

but i wish i’d just forget,

because if i don’t,

i’ll never move to forgot. 

and i need to forget

forgot is so tempting

to forget the gold chains around your neck

the silky black hair i’d hold

whilst we kissed under the stars

to forget the smile you gave me

after sobbing over your sorrows

i need to forget the times

you’d call me bad things,

yell at me;

you caused the doubts 

that run silently through my veins

like poison. 



to forget.

if not, how will i ‘forgot’?

how will you be forgotten?

when will this end?

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