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January 19, 2023
By CNorth BRONZE, Clarence, New York
CNorth BRONZE, Clarence, New York
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Fear will crawl into your veins
Fear is a virus with no cure, no vaccination
Fear is a wild animal, Unable to be tamed

Fear will sneak up on you
Like a snake in grass
Striking when you least expect it

Fear fills your vision with black
Takes away your hearing
Fear will fill your taste
With copper blood
And you will have no way to stop it

Fear has no shape, no form
Fear will creep up on you in the night
Fear is not the monsters in the dark
Those oh so scary monsters
The monster to fear are not the ones who walk in the dark
But the ones who walk in the day
The ones draped in shadows
Those are the monsters you should fear

Fear is falling down a hundred floors
And stopping just as you hit the ground
But then it starts all over again

And you will claw at fear
Scrape and scratch and stab
But to no avail
Because fear is in everyone

Fear is a virus
A wild animal, unable to be tamed
It will fill your vision with darkness
So tell me

Is fear a virus to you?
A wild animal?
Does it steal your vision?
Or does it just sit there?

The author's comments:

I wrote this when I was in a really dark place, but thankfully I am not anymore. Even though I hadn't seen it then, it reminds me a lot of Death Note's famous Monster quote.

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