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How Did I Even End Up With This Poem?

August 31, 2021
By Itsmaanya_25 PLATINUM, Indore, Other
Itsmaanya_25 PLATINUM, Indore, Other
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Should I write on poverty?
or debate on inequality?
Should I sing praises of nature?
or draw a caricature?

Innumerous topics, innumerous days,
liberty to express in innumerable ways.
What’s lacking then?
Link; link between my mind and the pen.

I weave these deep fantasies,
entangle might be a better word,
Because they choke my pen’s nib,
and my thoughts go unheard.

I try to use fancy words
to sound impressive,
but this trick seems to backfire,
when my writings become uncomprehensive.

I struggle to sound deep,
they say I’m too shallow
it’s not my fault-
every little thing makes me guffaw.

“Cross that out.
That doesn’t rhyme!
What does that even mean?”
In the end,
I am barely left with any lines.

(I am barely left with a single line)

How do I even end up with a poem?
I often speculate,
I guess, it’s like cracking a nut,
Hammer the words until they fit.

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