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November 1, 2018
By CoryReasor BRONZE, Hermiston, Oregon
CoryReasor BRONZE, Hermiston, Oregon
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"Lets go back to the titanic"

I am stuck, stranded, submerged in darkness

I wonder why I'm down here instead of up there

I hear only the faint moans of my once strong steel

I see nothing... nothing but old memories

I want to be back… back to feel the spring sunset again but...

I am stuck, stranded, submerged in darkness

I feel weak, forgotten, abandoned

I touch the cold ocean floor that has comforted me for years   

I worry I will never be seen again

I cry about all the people who lost their lives… but

I am stuck, stranded, submerged in darkness

I understand that I was one of a kind

I say I could have done better

I dream about the last sunset never to be seen again  {sight]

I try to think that someone out there still remembers me

I hope one day to resurface and feel the sun’s rays

I want to rise above the cold ocean waves that took me that one fateful night but for now...

I am still here... lost, cold, weak… but alive.

The author's comments:

Im a 9th grade 15 yearold student at high school in oregon

this poem was just a small activity I had to do in class 

after I got a lot of compliments about how strong my poem was i went to my english teacher       Ms.Kane looking to publish it

This is my verry first poem i have ever written and I am quite pleased with the outcome, so I though I'd share it with you. 

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