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"Nice Guys Come In Last"

July 23, 2010
By PaolaC. PLATINUM, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
PaolaC. PLATINUM, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
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He is not on every sports team or relay
But he bought his mother and sister a rose,
A token for Valentines Day

Does not have tons of best friends
But if you are one, he will share
Though the others have not seen him bare

And if I never understood the equation
He would tutor me, and it would make sense
With his algebraic powers of persuasion

It was fun, having someone you know you can rely
Laughing and writing together
Everyone else just sees him as shy

That one day I was late for the assembly
I scrambled to find a seat, but there were none to take
Then I saw his wave; and the empty place ready for my sake

And even though he did not go to the school dances
I liked are conversations about muggles and wizards
Always had a new book and story, no matter the circumstances

So when it was time to partner up
It was him or the heart throb in the back, my friend looked down
I pushed my desk next to his, amused I matched his frown

So I am not one to believe, “Nice guys come in last”
I like the tactful, successful and intelligent ones
That irresistible, bad boy image is in the past

The author's comments:
I think we all know guys like this...


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