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Finding Peace

November 16, 2009
By Prathap PLATINUM, Bangalore, Other
Prathap PLATINUM, Bangalore, Other
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Every night before I sleep
I lie awake and wonder
What a lucky bear Franscesca is
To accompany you in your slumber

To watch over you as you rest
In an unearthly peace, dear maiden
But, what can I do. Every day is a test,
In this world; a chaotic haven.

For even as i lie down to rest
Chaos envelops my mind
Which, every night creates an illusion
Or a devilish and chaotic kind...

A chaotic breed of humans who know no peace
Who are armed with axes and swords
Who run a mock in the world
To kill, and utter not a word...

Kill I say, not human kind,
But kill the peace that dwells in their mind!
Kill it!! Murder it!! Butcher it beyond recognition,
And with every kill, each victim is a means of propagation.

"Let their be no peace, for this world down under,
Let chaos, mayhem and havoc tear asunder,
Any fabric that speaks the message of peace
And destroy any human that puts a human at ease!"

Yes, it is their primary objective,
To strike havoc in harmonious lives.
Yes; they are those memories...
Memories... oh they stab like knives!

Like knives I say, into this empty soul!
Searching for the lost piece that makes it whole.
That lost piece which had its peace
Its peace mind... his peace of soul.

And now again as I lie down to sleep,
You shall not see me weep,
But yet, you will... if you hear with your soul
For only another can feel the whole...

Emotion that I feel, every time I remember
That silly little Fransecea, your guardian in slumber.
Look over you, and how
I could be Franscesca, and be with you now.

To watch your peace and feel your enthralling embrace,
To watch that light that glows in your face,
And which glows in my heart, knowing well,
"Yes, there is peace, even in the middle of Hell..."

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