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April 3, 2009
By VNH042095 SILVER, Dewitt, Virginia
VNH042095 SILVER, Dewitt, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
I have a lot of quotes that I like.

"love is a fickle thing, you don't realize what you have until its gone.
So cling to those you truly love, fo rtomorrow they may be gone.
Cherish a;; you have, and don't fret over what you don't.
Dream for tomorrow, don't linger in the past.
Whats done is done, and nothing will change.
The future is unclear, yet its worth living for.
Be thankul for everyday, don't search for imperfections.
Just look at what you have.
Make the ones you love, know that you really care."

The author's comments:
this is the truth as i see it. again again.. just my opinion.

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