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ABC, How the Three Little Pigs and Big Bad Wolf Died

February 9, 2017
By LinaBlack PLATINUM, Marshalltown, Iowa
LinaBlack PLATINUM, Marshalltown, Iowa
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Ann smiled knowing they were having ribs today they were her favorite food.
Beth Ann's family maid was setting the table and pouring drinks. Today was Ann's birthday.
Carlee her little cousin was running from the table to the window and back.
Do your studies mistress Carlee than you can play,but no running Beth said 
“Eight minutes and the food will be ready so please go wash up” their butler Xavier said.
Finally her parents were home Ann watch them walk in after Xavier and to the table.
Good night girls Ann’s mother said shutting the room door. Carlee sat on the window seat.
“Hurry to your bed Carlee the dark will eat you if you just sit there” Ann teased
“I'll go to bed but please tell me a story” Carlee asked “Just for tonight”.
“Just for tonight” Ann repeated “Well then grab your bear and get settled in bed”.
“Kat  is ready and so am I” Carlee said snuggling her teddy bear. “Get Ready ...Set...Go…”
Long ago there was a pig family ,a wolf,and a hunter
Mr. big bad wolf watches as three pigs build their houses.
Nate the youngest pig had built his house out of hay.
Out of the three the wolf knew Nate was the dumbest.
Patiently the hunter watched the pigs and the wolf from afar.
Quietly the wolf ran to the the hay house and destroyed it. 
Rin the eldest pig built his house with bricks.
Sam the second pig built his house out of wood and sticks 
Tuf meals weren't mr wolf's favorite so he planned to quickly knock the pigs out.
Until the wolf put let his guard down the hunter knew he would just have to wait.
Violet tea and a gun laid on ground near the hunter. A few feet away he could see his wife and butler.
With two of the pigs now gone and the wolf to focused on the third one the hunter took his chance and shot mr wolf and the last pig.
Xavier the hunters butler cut the meat off the pigs and the wolf.
Yuki the hunter was pleased with himself. He and his wife Zell could come home with a big plate of ribs.
Zell looked at her husband who said “I hope this will make up for our lateness after the meeting i don't want to be on the girls bad side” Yuki said. "I'm sure the girls will forgive us they love ribs,and i'll love the new wolf coat".Zell said as they got in the car left for home


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