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March 10, 2009
By scribedreams SILVER, Allison Park, Pennsylvania
scribedreams SILVER, Allison Park, Pennsylvania
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(1) The balance of life,
perturbed by chaos.
Brink of disaster,
bound for trouble.
You stand on edge,
unable to move.

(2) The sign of the times,
never more evident.
Every second an eternity,
The drag of events.
And soon, too erratic,
But life goes on.

(3)The past was a dream,
pure bliss, no doubt.
Trusting each day,
The absence of fear.
The sun ever so bright,
The darkness invisible.

(4) The present is a nightmare,
a prison, an enigma.
Each day fickle,
Each challenge a consequence.
Pain too close for comfort,
Mystery too real for tales.

(5) Fields of gray
fill the sky.
Your dreams are faraway.
Shooting stars become shards of glass,
inspiration turns to turmoil.

(6) Life is a tightrope,
an unstable ground.
Each step less confident,
A leap more hesitant.
Every fall a dead end,
Everyday another tremble.

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