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As The Sun Rises

May 13, 2008
By Anonymous

The sweat drips
Down The face gripped
With the fear of death.
The loss of breath
Lingers through the hallow mind
Desperate to find
The peace that was guaranteed.

Jumping out of the armored steed
Moments of death sing,
Help from an angel with wings
Flying high up above.
Even further than any morning dove.

As the flickering fires flourish
Many stars receive a wish,
To just return home from doom,
As false hopes loom

Awoken by cracks of destruction
Listening to hear their function
Shards of pain
Continue to rain
Down upon
A father’s son
Whose life has just begun

Rushed away
Without having a say.
The morphine injected
Into what may be infected.
While he lay dreaming,
The situation may be seeming
To slip out of control
As the sorrow takes a toll.
Feeling the pain of Prometheus,
The parents continue to fuss

As the flat line rings,
For their boy; an Angel sings
As the cover rises,
The parents only thought comprises
Of hope
That no mother has to travel down this dreadful slope

The mother wondered
While her child slept the eternal slumber
“Why the blood sewn sands of time,
Forsook that baby of mine?”

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