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Trading Heartbeats

February 6, 2009
By l3eyond GOLD, Northfield, Minnesota
l3eyond GOLD, Northfield, Minnesota
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I flew through the dark park,
the cloudy puddles splashing up my thighs.
I knew it would be soon before long
when he would find me
and I would find him.
The glares that would rupture between us
would never subside
for I knew what we had done
would never be forgiven
and we'd stand there,
awkward and silent,
trading heartbeats,
and let the wind
whisper our secrets
because it knows everything
and spoke a language
that we would never understand,
just like I would never understand him.
The power of his voice
struck me as odd,
but caught the attention
of young and old alike,
including me.
It struck me so hard
that here I am,
running through a nest of big trees,
trying to find a way to escape.
So on I fly.

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