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When your young

October 9, 2008
By AbCdEfG SILVER, Omaha, Nebraska
AbCdEfG SILVER, Omaha, Nebraska
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When you’re young you want a lot of things.
Video games, bikes, clothes, and candy rings.
For every holiday you know what you’re getting.
Maybe because when you saw it, you started begging.
It’s always the same; you get this you get that.
But is it really necessary to be a little brat.
For Christmas there’s toys and for you’re birthday too.
On Halloween the best costumes so you can say boo.
You’re treated like royalty every single day.
You make you’re older sister want to send you away.
Of course you can’t help because, I mean, you’re only three.
You don’t know any better so I guess it has to be.
Even though you’re a pain and want to just leave.
You’re always the one that still makes me believe.
That when you’re young, life is the BEST
But it’s only because you have others to clean up your mess.

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