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Seven Day Friend

January 26, 2012
By soletsdance GOLD, Hoopeston, Illinois
soletsdance GOLD, Hoopeston, Illinois
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Is something wrong my seven day friend?
I thought you said this mood would end
The toussled hair, the vacant eyes
They tell the tale of which your tongue lies
You haven't slept, homework overdue
I'm telling you kid, I'm concerned for you

You hang your head and mumble low
A greeting like the muddy snow
Hands in sweatshirt, comfy warm
I'm just glad you're out of the dorm
Shuffling feet, internal breath
Conversation lacking depth

Despite the jokes and smile too
There's just not something right with you
You get remarks from friends known well
You feel like crap and look like hell
I'm pretty sure some kids can see
Though no one knows you quite like me

You're the guy that's always there
But now you feel like no one cares
The only one you wish would look
Now seems as though somebody took
That beating, vibrant, soaring heart
That fact has torn your own apart

Despair is far too strong a word
Anger, confusion, seem absurd
Instead the headphones whisper songs
To try to right so many wrongs
Head and pillow, closed eyes now
No questions asked, to apathy bow

No no! You told me just today
"Don't close emotions let them play
"I know you don't want any hurt."
(Stifled sobs into your shirt)
"The pain, the tears, the anger too
Feel something kid, please say you do!"

But somehow you just can't apply
The words of wisdom to your life
Bowed head tells me you need to hear
Words of kindness, no more tears
The moment passing, words won't come
I cannot speak, I'm mute, struck dumb

In parking lots abandoned cold
Your dismal tale again retold
Head on my lap, I twirl your hair
As words run out you're barely there
Sleepy eyes and ebbing thoughts
I turn and watch the windows frost

The author's comments:
True story. He's my 7 day friend, cuz he's always here for me.

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