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January 5, 2012
By IdentityMangler PLATINUM, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
IdentityMangler PLATINUM, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
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Favorite Quote:
Be kind. You never know whose fighting for their life.

I’m as simple as anyone could be.
I’m strong and I’m weak.
I’m smart, but not a geek.
I scare and I care.
I befriend and I tear.
Many leave the sanctuary that is me for another.
But if you stay you’ll never be harmed.

I’m as simple as they get.
I rip.
I tear.
I kiss.
I help out.
And yet none of my friends allow me to pout.

If in trouble, there I am.
If heartache is killing you, I’m your gal.
But there is one little thing,
That everyone knows,
Is that I am as simple,
As your ten little toes.

The author's comments:
I'm so complicated its not even funny. Its the irony that makes it hilarious

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