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May 31, 2008
By Sitav GOLD, Cedar Grove, New Jersey
Sitav GOLD, Cedar Grove, New Jersey
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The sun arose and stained the coal sky white
And the birds soared high flapping their wings in flight
As I was welcomed into the bright new day
My mind perked up in readiness for the game that I would play

My heart beat faster embracing the morning and my spirit began to sway
The grass in the meadow danced in the breeze, pointing out my way
The path I would travel, the one less traveled by, to sustain my unveiled glory
In this story of a black eyed girl in ambition to seek her quarry

The forest floor parted in my honor, careful not to cross my road
The trees whispered to one another as if in some strange code
What they said I had no ear for, I simply did not care
For my aim and my aspiration were achieved, my prey was in his lair

My bow glistened and my arrow shone as the two weapons met
My body poised, ready to shoot and hit with no regret
The arrow would fly through the air with no trouble, while I would stay unseen
Unfortunately for me that day, my enemy’s ear was keen

He listened to my foot steps as a rhythm and a beat
And with each passing step, would move his own feet
Dancing and twisting to keep him in view
I grew doubts that I would win this game, but only a few

Only one arrow and one chance, before the day would end
With the shadows of the moon appearing, my hope began to bend
The last of the golden rays disappeared, leaving me in the mercy of the moon
But I wouldn’t compromise with anything now, it was still too soon

I knew that as I grew tired, my prey would lose strength as well
And then when I found him, the hopelessness fell
One arrow, one shot, I slowly took my chance
The determination in my heart slowly began to dance

The animal stood up, but was simply too weak
The once brave face was now silent and meek
It gave me one last look as if calling truce
The timing was perfect, yet my pity ran loose

If now was the time to shoot, I should shoot straight and clear
Yet in my heart I felt, a strange new kind of fear
Why should I end this creature’s life for none other than game
We both share one passion, and in a way, we are the same

I helped my quarry up and led him home
After his strength revived, I let him roam
My own pride revealed itself as I saw the stag trot free
Now the days are more beautiful as far as I can see

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