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Jumble Form

September 20, 2010
By wildcat DIAMOND, Hopkinton, Massachusetts
wildcat DIAMOND, Hopkinton, Massachusetts
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"Respect your elderly" they always say. But how can we do that when we don't feel respected?

"Treat those the way you want to be treated." Well that never works because I still get treated unfairly.

"Work hard and you'll succeed." I've worked so hard to get the grades that I deserve and yet you still punish me, and baby her.

Sayings, Slogans, words meshed together in a jumbled form to create things we hear all the time.

She pushed my way with words away. Restricting me to silence. Now, I have nothing to say, the words never making it far enough to be heard.

Words. Jumbled forms racing through my mind in a catastrophic mess trying to escape. But i forget... I forget how to release them from my mind to make things matter.

She constricted me to silence. BInds restricting the words I wish I knew how to say. Silence. Lack of release. The magic that I used to contain with my ways of words stripped from me.

Freedom of speech? What's that?

Nothing further to say. I forget how. None of this sounds right anyway. None of this makes any sense. Goodbye. My last word to the world of wonderful words. I'll see you when her binds are broken. I miss you. I miss the words I used to know how to say.

For now my pencil rests. How long will it be until i pick it up again? I don't know. But i'll miss that pencils. I'll miss those stupids words forming jumbled stenches. I was never good enough anyway. At least thats what she always told me.

Jumbled forms of words creating things we say. Jumbled forms. Like the person i am. Jumbled.

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