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Come with Me

May 16, 2008
By Anonymous

If you walk as quietly as the night,
but as smooth as silk.
Soar high like in flight,
but as softly as a bird.

Come with me,
To see the everafter.
To find the end,
of this lifelong maze.

If you come as softly as the wind,
within the trees,
you may hear what I hear.
And see what sorrow sees.

Finding the lifetime chapter
of the world's end.
Tying all the loose pieces together,
to make all ends meet.

I'd be watching as you search for clues,
just to know what will happen to you.
But the truth is,
What I say right now,is(that)
I am sorrow.

I see the everafter,
and you are not there.

I have long before known of the lifetime chapter,
and you are not there.

The only way for you to see,
is for you to come and walk with me.

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