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Welcome to Life

May 16, 2008
By Anonymous

Late to school, but not because I don’t want to go
Because I’m scared to go. Scared to step out this door.
Scared to go around a block. Never knowing if I could be
Robbed, stabbed, or even shot. My soul aches with fear.
Kids are being killed, Mothers, Fathers are being killed for easy money.

I’m scared to actually get to school. I’m not at school, I’m in a prison.
An abomination of concrete floors and bars on the windows.
I don’t want to go through those metal detectors.
And I don’t want to go through drugged filled hallways.
I don’t want to have to see kids getting high in class
Or kids flashin’ their guns to rival gangs.

I want to stay home where it’s not safe, but safer.
And if it’s dark out I know I will get caught in the middle
Of the violence, I’m scared to go outside.
Maybe I need a gun or to join a gang, then I can be safe.
I’m scared to go to school. No one knows how to behave

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