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Amanda's Poem

May 14, 2008
By Cozette Jenkins PLATINUM, Mesa, Arizona
Cozette Jenkins PLATINUM, Mesa, Arizona
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it is the kind of love, that is simply understood not merely spoken of.
it is the kind of bond, that finds itself and blooms and cannot be thrust upon.
it is the kind of bravery, that forces you to be courageous when you are too scared to be.
and you can be sure, that this raw emotion is the closest thing to pure.
so when you're down, there will always be someone to turn things around.
and when you're lost, there will be someone to find you no matter what the cost.
when there is no escape, there will be someone there to share your fate.
when the world turns its back on you and you are without a home, there will be someone there to make sure you are never alone.
and through the storm, three will be someone who loves you beyond description in any shape or form.
and when you are free, there will be someone who laughs along with you delightedly.
so my dear, lift up your eyes - your destiny is not set nor engraved in stone.
you are a light in a dark world and you have always shone.
you are a sunflower in a winter snow; you are the high point among all-time lows.
you are the constant - you are the season that never seems to fade.
you are the safety - you are the reason to never be afraid.
you glow with a light that makes the sun feel its inadequacy in its own rays.
you radiate a beauty that curses you with the envy of the moon.
and you always reassure that happiness is soon.
this is a life we are blind in, but a bond we're intertwined in;
it is enough of the redemption that we seek though at times it may be bleak.
but it's all right - it is the always day, the end to an ever looming night;
it is the happiness that gives into fright yet somehow wins.
it is the road that with each dead end a new path begins.
so please remember in despair, when you choke on pain and gasp for air,
that there will be someone here who loves you more than life my dear.
we are a thread that's frayed, but never broken.
we are more than a memory, more than a simple token.
just know that in bitter ends,
you will always have a best friend whose love for you makes their heart full,
who adores every crevice of your soul,
who doesn't know what they would do if they had to spend their life without you.
who would compensate for everything that you lack.
who would follow you to the end of the earth and back.
who would do anything you asked them to.
who would without hesitation take the gun, the heat, the blame, the pain...for you.
because we share
the kind of love that is simply understood not merely spoken of,
the kind of bond that finds itself and cannot be thrust upon,
the kind of bravery that forces us to be courageous when we are too scared to be.
and all of this because we are friends,
because i share you, and you share me.

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Izzy777 SILVER said...
on Jun. 27 2015 at 5:50 pm
Izzy777 SILVER, Tampa, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"I always wonder why birds stay in one place when they can fly anywhere around the world. But then I ask myself the same question."

my name is Amanda :3 so I loved it 10000times more. beautiful piece and captivating. great job

on Feb. 13 2014 at 10:02 am
0 articles 0 photos 5 comments

Favorite Quote:
Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

Very good poem. I hope she feels very special.

Brinikins said...
on Feb. 13 2014 at 9:36 am
Brinikins, Peoria, Arizona
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This was a really good poem! Keep it up!

Cooley-Tron said...
on Feb. 12 2014 at 10:38 am
Cooley-Tron, Peoria, Az, Arizona
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This was Interesting and really grab my attention