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February 9, 2010
By mollypop013 BRONZE, Niagara On The Lake, Other
mollypop013 BRONZE, Niagara On The Lake, Other
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Hello my name is average girl
I'm nothing special, you see
I am a caterpillar
A butterfly waiting to be

Tomorrow I will go to school
Just another average day
Where I will turn to look at you
But you will turn away

I'll cry into my pillow
Many nights without a rest
I'll do it all because
I'm feeling quite worthless

These girls that walk the halls
Tear chunks from my self esteem
This year's almost over
Summer's come to rescue me

School starts once again
I am not the same
My insides are not different
It's the outside that has changed

When I walk by your head turns
You want to talk to me
Caterpillars must be invisible
It's only butterflies you see

The author's comments:
Story time; share in the comments if you've ever had a similar story like this. How do you really feel when boys only like girls for their appearance?

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