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That Part Of You

July 30, 2009
By MariaMarie DIAMOND, Washington Court House, Ohio
MariaMarie DIAMOND, Washington Court House, Ohio
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I thought you had some feeling-
Just for me.
Thought you cared,
because you protected me.
I let myself start to fall,
let my heart jump ahead of my mind.
I was right.
You did have some type
of feeling for me.
But not the one
My heart made for you.

And now I sit here-
Your presence
running through my soul.
You helped me to become,
who I am today.
You gave me the courage,
that no one else could give.
I think I have given you the same.
Now there is a part of you
that may never leave me.

I dream of what we could have been.
I look at what we are.
I hide from feelings I've made.
I try to run away.

And now,
here we are again.
That part of you running through me
And my mind pushing a part of myself-
To the shadows of this page.

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