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The Moment Is Everything

May 15, 2008
By Anonymous

The Moment Is Everything

Life is composed of moments.
Time as a series of glass bubbles.
Each has the potential to be more brilliant than the last,
And it is up to us to make the bubbles sparkle,
But we live in fear that they will one day shatter,
And shatter our own happiness along with them.

The bubbles are filled with smiles, inspiration, laughter, genius, and love.
These are the moments we remember,
The moments that are captured in a camera lens and end up as a framed photograph.

But not every bubble gets the privilege of becoming a photo.
Shattered hopes, broken dreams, fallen ambitions, lost love, and time wasted.
These are the moments that are only broken glass,
Discarded rubble on the floor of our lives.

Count your happiness in the remaining glass bubbles,
The ones still intact, floating off towards the horizon,
And the ones encircling your most precious memories.
The past and the future are irrelevant,
The moment is everything.

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