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Forgive Me

June 19, 2009
By SnickleFritz BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
SnickleFritz BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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"Forever And Ever Babe"

He was something more,

More than the monster he was in his fake world,

He was just a boy crying out for,

Crying for the one thing he wanted in the real world,


He was sorry for his self concededness,

He was ashamed of his potentions for courage,

Ashamed of his cold bloodedness,

His dishonesty,

He was sorry for his inability to express what was the case,

That he was truly sorry for what was his identity,

And he wished it never happened just as much as anybody.

He now lives with a nightmare,

A chapter that doesn't go with his life,

It will haunt him with despair,

Stabbing him in the heart forever like a knife.

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