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May 19, 2009
By cvlnst BRONZE, Parkersburg, West Virginia
cvlnst BRONZE, Parkersburg, West Virginia
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Bars to liquids,
liquids to bars.
From bars to cars,
with liquid from bars.
From cars,
to houses,
to soapboxes,
to boxing.
From boxing,
to cars,
to bars
for more liquids.
More liquids,
more bars.

The author's comments:
I often take really random ideas and make poetry out of them... I was washing my hands with a bar of soap when I came up with the inspiration for this. I was thinking about how things have changed over the years. We have switched from using bars of soap to bottles of liquid soap. Initially, I wanted this poem to be about the changes brought upon us by technology. Somehow, however, it transformed into a poem about something that sadly has been almost a constant for ages.

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