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One Smile Changes The world

May 14, 2008
By Anonymous

You can’t tell why she sits there
All you know is that she does, and waits every single day.
With her bag, boots, and thoughts of when life was something that was worth living for.
You can’t tell what she is waiting for.
Maybe she is waiting for someone, she is finding an end to her story, or maybe even a beginning.
You can’t tell who this young girl is
Only that she looks helpless and lost
Which you see in the way she sits alone,
and perhaps in the way she shakes as each tear lands on her old, worn sweater.
You can’t tell how she came to be this way.
Her past and secrets are hidden behind each stony move
and stashed away inside her fraying bag.
But one thing you can tell is that all she needs is someone to make her smile.
Just one small smile can change her world
It might even give her that little push
That makes her stand up and face the world
All because of a smile

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