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Addicting Passions

March 10, 2009
By Anonymous

Addict, to cause or have a need for something, is it just me or would that something be extremely important to that person for them to be addicted to it? Passion, strong liking or desire of an object, a strong desire for something, sounds familiar doesn't it? However passion is used in a more positive light couldn't it also be used to describe an addict, and vice-versa? Who is to say that a girl passionate about music isn't addicted to it? Who has the right to accuse a man of being addicted to cigarettes when he could just be passionate about nicotine or tobacco or anything else that could be in a cigarette? Lets say you know someone who works a part-time job, is a full time student, and still finds time to play sports. Are they an addicted work-aholic or are they just extremely passionate about their finances, their studies, and their health? Who's to say who's who, or what's what, or how 'this' somehow relates to 'that'. I find that the words coincide; my addictions are my passions, use the words as you will. The words themselves are far too similar for a definite answer anyway so why does society seem to think we need one. That is, however, only my opinion, the only people that can decide what these words mean to them are themselves. So what's your addiction? What's your passion?

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e.johnson8 said...
on Mar. 20 2009 at 7:46 pm
This is a real thought provoking passage.